Innosilicon announce the first SMIC N+1 silicon success

  • Oct 13, 2020  

Zhuhai, China, October 11, 2020

Innosilicon, as a global one-stop provider of IP and ASIC customization, has achieved the world-first tapeout success on the advanced SMIC FinFET N+1 process with all the function tests passed in one stroke. This marks a significant milestone of the process iterations and joint efforts in the past few months.

Powered by its full pack of high-bandwidth and high performance computing technologies, Innosilicon continues to focus on IP and ASIC customization and has a demonstrated track record of multiple successes in advanced processes. It has supported the mass production of billions of high-end SOCs for global customers.

Since 2019, while the SMIC's N+1 process has yet to mature, the Innosilicon team has invested tens of millions of yuan in design optimization and made every effort to  accomplish the NTO tapeout. This very first chip based on the N+1 process has undergone multiple rounds of test iterations in the past few month, helping SMIC break through the bottleneck in the production yield on N+1 process.

Through a close collaboration with the world’s famous foundry SMIC, Innosilicon has enabled dozens of global customers to achieve silicon success in both mature process nodes (55nm, 40nm, 28nm, 22nm, etc.) and advanced nodes (FinFET 14nm, 12nm, 7nm). With large-scaled IP authorization and customized mass production of high-end SOC in various advanced processes (including GDDR6, Chiplet, Serdes etc.), Innosilicon has been awarded as “Best IP Partner” by SMIC for multiple times .

Today, Innosilicon’s innovation capabilities are demonstrated in the success of this NTO tapeout verification, the first industry-wide benchmark for new SMIC N+1 technology.


Innosilicon is a worldwide one-stop provider of mixed signal IPs and ASIC customization with leading market shares in Asian-Pacific market for 10 consecutive years. . Backed by its 14 years of technical expertise in developing cutting-edge IPs and ASIC products, Innosilicon has assisted global partners in realizing their product goals.

In 2018, Innosilicon and NVIDIA was the first in the world to reach mass production of the performance-leading GDDR6 interface in its cryptographic GPU product. In 2019, Innosilicon announced availability of the HDMI2.1 IP supporting 4K/8K display as well as 32Gbps SerDes PHY. This year, Innosilicon was the first to launch INNOLINK Chiplet and HBM2E and other high-performance computing platform (supporting CPU/GPU/ NPU chip and server). Also, the next-generation graphics GPU products provided by Innosilicon will soon be available in the global market to unlock new possibilities.